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A new interest-paying investment

The annual interest rate on bank deposits is around 12.5 percent, and the highest interest rate on private bonds is 19 percent. ORDA once again offers you the opportunity to invest in a private loan portfolio with a constant high yield during economic instability and a sharp increase in inflation.

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A managed fund of casks and bottles

Whisky investment funds have grown dramatically, generating a staggering 564% growth over the last decade. With no doubt, this growth mostly applies to few exceptional cases, but on average, the rare, high-valued whisky investment market has indicated an annual compounded growth rate of 12-15% over the past 10 years. With investors seeking hard assets to hedge their portfolios against today’s highly inflationary, pandemic-affected economic factors, our Whisky Fund offers you an opportunity to invest in the best protection for inflation: the top-tier portion of the high-yield whisky market.

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A managed fund of blue-chip NFTs

We are excited to introduce an investment in an NFT fund - a portfolio containing the best of the most nascent and booming digital investment assets in today’s world - Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. The NFT market has exploded in terms of growth and attention in the past year, facilitating artists, designers, game developers, and investors to take the traditional art industry to the next level using blockchain technology. The biggest investors and analysts have been speculating in the NFT market, as it is also an extremely timely investment with the blockchain, crypto market and metaverse speculation starting to take off.

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Khandgai Limited Edition Whisky

We are offering you a 4 year, high yield fractionalized investment opportunity of Blair Athol premium Scotch single malt whisky cask, with an embedded bottling project with limited edition Khandgai label.

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Painting by Zolbootuguldur O.

According to Artprice, blue-chip art has outperformed the S&P 500 by 180% from 2000–2018. Deloitte estimates the total value of art to be $1.7 trillion. The Mongolian art scene is an emerging one with many vibrant and dynamic artists. This large painting by Zolbootuguldur O. is entitled “Living with Trauma”.

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