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ORDA offers customized and borderless alternative investment opportunities

ORDA allows users to invest in fractional shares of alternative assets using a mobile app. We offer various asset classes such as real estate, collectibles, art, commodities and private equity. We integrate a behavioral finance-based recommendation algorithm that uses machine learning and data science to recommend precise and personalized assets that are tailored to each user’s risk, goal and investment style.

Our service offering includes three unique features:

  • Liquidity based on the assets of users leveraged as a line of credit
  • Personalized portfolio investment recommendations based on machine learning
  • Access to developed/emerging market assets

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Our Mission

ORDA’s mission is to open new pathways between emerging and developed markets through an easy, low-barrier financial investment service. We simplify the legal and technological structures behind cross-border investment to give investors at any level access to market opportunities with diverse yields using a simple mobile app interface.

We further lower barriers to investing by enabling users to leverage their assets as a credit line, allowing access to liquidity without liquidation. We will offer automated and personalized portfolios based on collaborative filtering machine learning techniques to help new investors make safe, smart financial decisions, and experienced investors to diversify their portfolios.